Dance lessons and events on the Wirral.
Salsana became a qualified Kizomba teacher through the UKA in Oct 2010 and has taught in Bromborough with the Kizomba Collective and Liverpool with Kizomba Merseyside. Currently hosts weekly lessons in Wallasey every Monday night for beginners. Kizomba is an exciting and sensuous Portuguese dance developed in 1989 and has been in the UK for only a few years.

Kizomba originated in Angola and is a fusion of different dances which include Semba, Samba, Zouk and Argentine Tango.

Kizomba is therefore traditionally sung in Portuguese  and there is a definite African rhythm through out its music. The Angolan and Brazilian influences result in a unique flavour to the music and to the dance movement.

The standard hold is based on the Argentine Tango ‘A’ frame hold requiring the follower to be led through the body positioning of the leader.

Kizomba is a male led, partner dance to a repeated 4 beat rhythm. However, unlike Salsa, the movements are not dictated by that rhythm. All the movements are based on a 2 beat or 3 beat sequence which can begin at any point in the music.

During the lesson you will cover the footwork and lead for a few moves and be shown how to link them together. There are basic rules to follow, but Kizomba is very much a free style dance, linking these moves in any order.

You will need to wear shoes without grip (no trainers) so you may want to invest in dance shoes. Apart from  that you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Private Kizomba Lessons available at £25 an hour. If interested give me a call or text on 07434 950 026.

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